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Adopt A Coral Reef

Do you want to help coral reefs but don’t know where to start? Here comes your chance to do it from the comfort of your home. Here are some organisations that have Adopt a Reef programs through which you can help a coral with a small monetary donation. 

1. Reef Restoration Foundation
If you’ve visited the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, you know that this site is one of the most fascinating places to dive. Reef Restoration Foundation aims to plant 25,000 new corals on the Great Barrier Reef by 2021. By donating AU$50, you can join the Coral Crusade and adopt a coral reef on the Great Barrier Reef. Your adopted coral will be selected from corals that have withstood previous bleaching events and have an excellent chance to regenerate. You will receive an electronic certificate and regular updates on the growth of your coral.


2. Reef Life Foundation
Reef Life Foundation is committed to rigorous scientific research that finds innovative solutions to revitalise marine ecosystems. They are planting IntelliReefs which are bioengineered marine structures that foster diverse coral growth and mimic some of the natural qualities coral has to build an oceanic infrastructure that improves resistance to climate stressors and diseases. Reef Life Foundation’s “Gift a Reef” initiative uses your donations to grow coral reef habitats in critical areas of the ocean. Every $25 donation adds 2 square feet of new coral reef to the ocean. Reef Life Foundation assures you that 100% of the donation will go to support coral reef conservation.


3. Coral Gardeners
Coral Gardeners support coral reef restoration and conservation in Tahiti, French Polynesia. With a €25 donation, you can adopt a coral that will be planted in the lagoon of Moorea. You can name your coral and receive a certificate of adoption with your coral’s photo and GPS coordinates. 


4. Coral Guardian
Coral Guardian is an international organisation that is dedicated to involving local communities in their coral restoration projects. They develop mutually beneficial relations with local communities to ensure the sustainability of their conservation programs. They are currently restoring the damaged reefs of Hatamin Island near the village of Seraya Besar in Indonesia. For €30, you can adopt a coral and receive a certificate with your coral’s photo and GPS coordinates.

5. Coral Triangle Center
If you want to help coral reefs in Bali, you should check out Coral Triangle Center’s Adopt a Reef program. They help to restore coral reefs in Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area by growing damaged coral reef fragments in an underwater nursery. This nursery allows local students to learn about the importance of coral reefs. With your contribution of US$ 25, you can adopt a baby coral tagged with your name or message. You will receive a photo update on your baby coral after six months.

What are you waiting for? Coral reef’s future depends on you!

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Divegraphy is a scuba diving booking marketplace that connects you to your next dive destination in Southeast Asia.

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