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Sustainable tourism is so important. It just can’t be stated enough. Unmanaged tourism and irresponsible diving can harm the reef and the marine life that lives there, reducing its tourism value in the long-term. Yet, scuba diving - when done responsibly - can be a great economic opportunity for destinations with healthy coral reefs and marine ecosystems. Divers and operators who follow best environmental practice minimise their negative impact on the reef and help preserve this precious ecosystem for future generations. Sustainability offers a great opportunity to the tourism industry as it becomes...

Exclusive Feature: Bioengineering Restoration Solutions with IntelliReefs

In recent years, marine restoration companies have been racing against climate change to create innovative solutions to halt and mitigate coral deterioration. While many designs and substrates exist on the market, most fall woefully short of reaching their conservation goals in four main categories: scalability, durability, bio-promotion, and cost....

Importance of Mastering Buoyancy During Diving

Neutral buoyancy is the most important fundamental skill every diver must master. It is also an essential skill that is difficult for novice divers to master. Perfecting your buoyancy control during each dive helps to minimise your breathing gas, allowing you to move around the ocean comfortably, keeps you calm, and not overexert yourself. Divers with good buoyancy usually create less to no damage to the corals and not disturb marine life....