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Be Part Of The Green Fins Initiative Today!

Photo by Francesco Ungaro

Millions of people venture to the underwater world every year to carry out activities such as diving and snorkelling. This inevitably puts a strain on coral reefs and marine animals. To ensure that future generations can enjoy the biodiversity of the ocean just like we do now, we have to dive in a way that keeps the negative environmental impact to a minimum. With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to the conservation actions carried out by The Reef-World Foundation and Green Fins.

The Reef-World Foundation is a charitable organization that strives to conserve coral reefs and related ecosystems. Its flagship initiative is Green Fins, which was launched in partnership with the United Nations Environment Program to promote sustainable marine tourism.

Green Fins combines three approaches to create change in the diving and snorkelling industry.

11 countries that are mostly situated in Southeast Asia along with over 550 marine tourism companies have already adopted Green Fins’ approach to marine conservation.

Green Fins provides lots of resources for diving centres to empower them to minimise their environmental impact. Dive centres can become a Green Fins member for free and are trained, assessed, and certified annually to measure and reward their performance against the code of conduct. The top 10 members are featured on Green Fins’ website to highlight their commitment to environmentally-friendly diving and snorkelling practices.

Divegraphy believes that diving can be fun and performed in a sustainable manner at the same time. We feature sustainable dive centres with a badge and encourage customers to book their diving experience with dive centres that are accredited by Green Fins. We also advocate for marine conservation actions from time to time to make our customers aware of the impact they can make to protect the environment.

If you would like to support Green Fins’ work, you may consider making a donation so that they can work with more communities, governments, and companies to promote sustainable marine tourism. You can check out their website to stay up-to-date with their conservation initiatives.

Shaye Wan, Content Writer

Shaye's passion for travel, diversity and sustainability stems from her experience in an international boarding school in Italy at a young age. While living with people from more than 80 countries in a close-knit community, she deepened her understanding of global issues and learned to create change through action. Shaye is interested in storytelling in the digital space and strives to develop creative ideas that truly connect to people's lives. Her ambition is to continuously innovate in the digital landscape and tell stories that bring about positive change in the world. She is currently finishing her Bachelor of Communication in Australia.

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