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Be Part Of The Green Fins Initiative Today!

Millions of people venture to the underwater world every year to carry out activities such as diving and snorkelling. This inevitably puts a strain on coral reefs and marine animals. To ensure that future generations can enjoy the biodiversity of the ocean just like we do now, we have to dive in a way that keeps the negative environmental impact to a minimum. With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to the conservation actions carried out by The Reef-World Foundation and Green Fins....

Level Up Your Passion: Becoming A Sustainable Diver

Diving is a great way for us to connect with nature but with so many divers exploring the underwater world everyday, tourism is a threat to coral reef and marine life. This doesn’t mean we should avoid diving all together because we can commit to sustainable diving practices and continue to support the diving industry which sustains the livelihood of millions of people worldwide. So, what can we do as divers to protect the environment?...