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Go Scuba Diving (at home)

Have you tried virtual reality (VR) diving?

With coronavirus restrictions still in place and new outbreaks emerging in the world, it may seem like visiting our favourite dive site and going for a holiday will not be on our agenda for some time. But with technological advancements in virtual reality, you can still go on an adventure and explore the underwater world with your phone or computer by giving virtual reality diving a go.

Screenshot: The Great Barrier Reef interactive dive great for all ages and family time. Get to experience and discover the ocean like never before. (One of Divegraphy team favorite interactive explorations was “A Ministry of Sound”)


We know that you miss the ocean and can’t wait to jump back in soon. Luckily for us, The Guardian has compiled a comprehensive list of virtual ocean adventures featuring sharks, dolphins, jellyfish and many more created by National Geographic, AirPano and other passionate videographers. You’ll definitely find something to satisfy your craving from the comfort of your home. If you have a virtual reality headset or goggles at home, you can use them to get an even more immersive experience.

If you love coral reef and are concerned about their wellbeing, we highly recommend you to watch Chasing Coral, a Netflix Original Documentary released in 2017. You will witness coral bleaching and the disappearance of corals in a journey led by a team of divers, scientists and photographers. During the production of the documentary, the Ocean Agency has collected many 360-degree ocean images which you can see on Google Earth. If you’re after something a little more interactive, we encourage you to embark on an interactive journey crafted by David Attenborough to explore the Great Barrier Reef, one of the Earth’s treasures on the east coast of Australia. You will learn about the threats faced by coral reefs and the actions you can take to preserve them. Some really amazing features in the journey include listening to the sounds of the reef and seeing the effect of ocean acidification on the reef in real-time.

Screenshot: The making of “World of Diving” interactive video game.

Click here or on the image to watch.

If you love video games, you can download World of Diving, a VR-enabled online game that you can play with a traditional monitor or pair it with VR displays. You can play it on your own or team up with up to 4 friends. In the game, you will face different missions and scenarios. Apart from exploring the marine life around you, you may have to deal with malfunctioning and limited gear, salvage shipwreck, and hunt for treasure. You can customise your character and try on gear and accessories in a 3D fitting room.

Hang in there! If we follow the restrictions and try to keep everyone safe, we will be back into the ocean and travelling sooner than we think. Meantime, you can still travel by going on sightseeing virtual tours at the comfort of your home.


Shaye Wan, Content Writer

Shaye's passion for travel, diversity and sustainability stems from her experience in an international boarding school in Italy at a young age. While living with people from more than 80 countries in a close-knit community, she deepened her understanding of global issues and learned to create change through action. Shaye is interested in storytelling in the digital space and strives to develop creative ideas that truly connect to people's lives. Her ambition is to continuously innovate in the digital landscape and tell stories that bring about positive change in the world. She is currently finishing her Bachelor of Communication in Australia.

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