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Level Up Your Passion: Becoming A Sustainable Diver





Diving is a great way for us to connect with nature but with so many divers exploring the underwater world every day, tourism is a threat to coral reef and marine life. This doesn’t mean we should avoid diving altogether because we can commit to sustainable diving practices and continue to support the diving industry which sustains the livelihood of millions of people worldwide. So, what can we do as divers to protect the environment?

Green Fins, an initiative that Divegraphy proudly supports, has some tips that we would like to share with you to practice sustainable diving.

Shaye Wan, Content Writer

Shaye's passion for travel, diversity and sustainability stems from her experience in an international boarding school in Italy at a young age. While living with people from more than 80 countries in a close-knit community, she deepened her understanding of global issues and learned to create change through action. Shaye is interested in storytelling in the digital space and strives to develop creative ideas that truly connect to people's lives. Her ambition is to continuously innovate in the digital landscape and tell stories that bring about positive change in the world. She is currently finishing her Bachelor of Communication in Australia.

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