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The Challenges Marine Conservation and Activists Face

Many of us get to know about global climate issues from mainstream media, the social pages we follow or from people around us. It has helped us see the world from wherever we are through our mobile devices. Thanks to the internet-age, these media exposures have helped many non-profit organisations committed to saving our ocean spread their message and initiatives to the masses.

Being informed and educated on what affects the way we live are key to making an impact. However, only a small fraction of the world’s population are taking action in making this impact happen. As a business in tourism, Divegraphy is committed in giving back to what matters the most in our line our work – Sustainability. While as an individual, I believe environment protection and conservation is a way of life.


The coral reefs found in this part of the world make up to 34% of the total world population of coral reefs, in other words, an estimate of 100,000km. Human activities are threatening the livelihood of nearly 90% of coral reefs in this region.

This is concerning because coral reefs have an impact on many environmental and economic issues globally




There is widespread recognition that coral reefs face severe threats, and many non-profit organisations around the world are doing what they can to improve the situation. Many people are not aware of the importance of coral reefs and do not engage adequately to protect the reefs.

Often non-profit organisations’ calls for stronger collaboration and appeals for donations get lost in the internet world. The lack of information also contributes to ineffective decision making by people such as business owners of marine tourism operations.

They are unaware that employing eco-friendly dive operators can help sustain their businesses in the long run and make their nation become a hotspot for sustainable tourism.


Take plastic for example, it is cheap to buy, convenient to use, and fuss-free. We use more than we should and disposed them mindlessly. Did you know that the majority of the world’s plastics waste do not get recycled but end up in the landfill and our oceans?


While many countries are making good progress in plastic management and having policies in place to ban one-time use plastic, we saw another alarming situation happening during this global pandemic. Along with our trash in the ocean, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as our disposable surgical masks and medical gowns are seen floating in it.

Not only are these trash making our ocean an unhealthy place for coral reefs and marine habitats to survival, it is also making us sick too. One of our conservation partners, Emily Higgins, Director of Science and Communications in Reef Life Foundation shared this with us in her recent interview with Divegraphy “We believe that our future of marine conservation is everyone’s business. Every second breath we take originated in the ocean. It is 70% of our planet, and without a healthy, functional ocean, we cannot stay on this planet.”



Bringing together five non-profit organisations that are committed to protecting our coral reefs. We believe in the power of education to create tangible, positive outcomes for coral reefs. By raising awareness of organisations that share the same goals, we hope to generate a larger impact on our ocean and coral reef health for our generation and future generations.

Share inspiring stories of these organisations and showcase the impact they have made so far. Educating our readers on the environmental, social and economic value of coral reefs that will convert it into actions. No actions are too small to create a positive change in the way we live and healthier planet.

So, what is really stopping you?



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Divegraphy is a scuba diving booking marketplace that connects you to your next dive destination in Southeast Asia.

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